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 most boring day ever (6/11/13)

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most boring day ever (6/11/13) Empty
PostSubject: most boring day ever (6/11/13)   most boring day ever (6/11/13) Icon_minitimeMon 17 Jun 2013, 2:21 am

ok so on the 11th of june we were supposed to go to another part of china. the plane was delayed, so we got to stay at a hotel. then it got canceled. the nest morning no one knew when we were gonna go on the plane.  a lot of people left and changed their flight, but my parents and i didn't know what to do because if the plane doesn't let us on, we have no where to stay. but we did it, and luckily they let us on for the 2:30 flight. for the next 4 hours of the day i was on a plane. bleh
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most boring day ever (6/11/13)
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