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 Warning Bars

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PostSubject: Warning Bars   Warning Bars Icon_minitimeFri 31 May 2013, 3:35 pm

Warning Bars Progress_bars_blue_by_simplysilent-d5ws117
Warning bars via profile. This indicates how many strikes you have to thrive on this forum.

0 warning = Warning Bars 100__complete__by_simplysilent-d5ws0zi

1 warnings = Warning Bars 75__complete_by_simplysilent-d5ws0xj

2 warnings = Warning Bars 50__complete_by_simplysilent-d5ws0v0

3 warnings = Warning Bars 25__complete_by_simplysilent-d5ws0lk

4 warnings = Warning Bars Progress_bar_0__by_simplysilent-d5bqkmi

Banned (0) = Warning Bars 0banne10

Thank you for your time!

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Warning Bars
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