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 Role-Play Rules

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PostSubject: Role-Play Rules   Role-Play Rules Icon_minitimeSun 02 Jun 2013, 12:30 am

Recently we've taken a poll as if you guys would want a role-play section. The majority of the forum wanted one, so we have made a role-play forum for you guys. Please read these rules and keep them in mind before posting.

No Controlling
You can't play someone else's character, it's not fair to the user and it's extremely rude.


User 1: Craig looked at the sky, it was a great day for rugby. He ran onto the field and threw the ball to his friend, running behind him.

User 2: Owen looked at Craig, he was running so fast that he knocked him over without noticing! I stood up and brushed the dirt off my clothes.


User 2: Owen looked at Craig, he watched as he sat off. He was a good rugby player. He winced as the coach yelled "switch!" he ran up next to Craig.

Give The Opponent A Chance
You can't just go up to someone and shoot them then claim they're dead, you need to give them a time to react. Say Craig and Owen are fighting.

Craig: Craig's nostrils flared in anger, what made him think that he could just go over and shove him in the middle of a game? Crag threw his switchblade at Owen, letting out a grunt.

Owen: Owen tried to roll out of the way, the knife hit his hand ever so slightly as he moved. He stood up and eyed the sliver on his hand, it was nothing more than a skin wound.

No Invincible Characters
You can't just say that you dodge every bullet either, you need to get hurt every once in a while - but you don't need to die. You also can't be an extremely skilled fighter. I'm not saying you can't be good, but you can't just go up to someone, throw a punch, wait for their reaction they tie them to a tree and perform witchcraft on them. It's extremely rude, and we won't tolerate it here. We'll give you a warning, but if you continue to do it we will give you an infraction.

Don't Interrupt
You can't just hop into a the RP if they're having a moment. Let's say Owen got hurt.

Craig: Craig wiped the sweat off his brow, breathing heavily. He finally managed to stab Owen. Serves him right for messing with me.

Owen: Owen groaned loudly, unable to control himself. He was in critical condition, Owen began to feel light headed as he watched more and more blood seep from his chest.

Bryce: Bryce walked up to Owen and pulled the knife out of his chest, he didn't know him but he had to do something. "NO NO!" he turned around and pushed Craig to the ground.

That is wrong in many ways, it's rude to interrupt them in the middle of a dramatic scene like that. You can RP at the time, just don't go into the exact place they're at and mess with what's happening. Wait for the scene to end until you begin to interact with one of the characters.

Use Detail
Yes, I am making this a rule. You must use third person, which means you are speaking in past tense. Use the right pronouns, he, she, they. I don't want to see I, me, you, we anywhere. On other forums, I've seen people use an extreme lack in effort when posting their reply to role-plays.
Here's an example with what not to do:

Craig: I look at Owen. He is a weird guy. I smile and fake to like him.
Owen: I look at Craig, I don't like him. I smile and walk away.

NO! That is not how you do it, here is an example on what you SHOULD do

Craig: Craig eyed Owen suspiciously, wondering if he should be subtle or attack him there and then. He falsely smiled at him, letting out a forced giggle.

Owen: Owen looked at Craig in disgust, he didn't like Craig. He mimicked a smile, waved and stomped off.

Dropping Out
Please be mindful, that we like to keep our RP's running for a while. Not a couple days. So if you're going to drop out, then please don't make an application at all. If you do drop out in the middle of an RP, please state why you're dropping out and if you have no reason to, then we will give you an infraction.

Private RP's
If you're to make a private RP please post the applications in the private RP application section rather than our private message section.

Lastly, is the maturity rating. This can be PG-14. Thus said, your characters can be shooting each other, stabbing, eating each other's guts. But as to romance, the farthest your characters can go is sleeping in the same bed with bra and undies on, or just boxers. No sexual acts shall be played, but I will allow the odd make out scene and touching of the breasts, but it should lack details and be kept to a minimum.


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Role-Play Rules
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