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  In the Recesses of a New Colony-Made By Toast and the other dude

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PostSubject: Re: In the Recesses of a New Colony-Made By Toast and the other dude   Mon 10 Jun 2013, 10:09 pm

Name: Timber Cyan Allison Marks
Age and Year (14-18, freshman, sophomore, junior and senior year): 14, freshman, Grade 9
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Timber Is Straight.
Personality: Timber is a very calm person. She tends to stay out of arguments, often letting others solve their problems, in fear of being seen as someone who wants attention. She's usually good in school, but often day-dreams and has a lot of homework, due to homework not being done in class. However, Timber can also be very independent, never wanting help. She likes attention, and tries to earn it in an unnoticeable way since she hardly got none when she was a child. Timber is very fascinated by space. Timber is a sweet girl, and likes helping people and animals. She's trustworthy, and hardly ever talks about other people. She collects a lot of information, just by being the listener, so she knows a lot about people and teachers.
Biography: When Timber was young, her father and mother divorced. Her father moved out of town, and she was left with her mother. Her mother remarried, and had another child. Timber was only two, but had no attention since her mother was trying her best to keep her relationship, so she payed a lot of attention to the child she had with her new husband. In result, Timber tries to get a lot of attention now, since her mother never gave her any when she was young. When Timber was 8, Her mother and step-father divorced, and her father left, taking her six year old step sister with him. Her mother was heart-broken, but married again. This man already had a child; She was eight. Timber and her sister, Who was named Lilanna, didn't like each other. They always fought, but her mother sided with Lilanna, since she didn't want to ruin another relationship. Unfortunately, this marriage didn't work, either, so her mother divorced, and Lilana moved out. Now, it's just Timber and her mother, who continues searching for love.
Appearance (written): Timber is a short, thin girl. She has short, platinum, blond, wavy hair, with seaweed-coloured eyes and tanned skin. Her skin has bumps on it, and she has countless rashes on her knees and elbows. Oddly, she has no blemishes on her face. She often wears a white, long-sleeved shirt, with a pink skirt and blue flip-flops. She wears an anklet with pink seashells on it, and starfish earrings.
Example of roleplaying (write your character’s reaction to seeing the hole for the first time): Timber gasped, staring at the hole from a distance. Slowly, and cautiously, She stepped forward, gripping her elbow with her left hand. She approached the hole, kneeling down as her knees rubbed against the thick, green grass. The wing blows her hair, covering her face, making it hard for her to see. She digs her nails into the dirt, trying to keep the wind from blowing her down. Finally, she gets a glimpse of what's in the hole; Nothing but darkness.


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PostSubject: Re: In the Recesses of a New Colony-Made By Toast and the other dude   Mon 10 Jun 2013, 10:24 pm

Your accepted lucky!~

''[20:11:53] @ Jade Harley : @Lucy probably I dont know''
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In the Recesses of a New Colony-Made By Toast and the other dude
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