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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules Icon_minitimeMon 10 Jun 2013, 9:57 pm

Personal Information
Please do not post your full name, address, phone number, etc on the Star Lounge. We try to keep the forums safe for all users.

We don't allow SPAM here, SPAM stands for Stupid, Pointless, Annoying, Messages. For example, a topic with no meaning, swearing and cussing, topics or messages in the wrong place, off-topic posts. Please post 3 words or more in your post, or that will be considered as SPAM. All these will result in an infraction given. If continued then you will get banned, or your account will be suspended. Another form of SPAM is the over use of emoticons. Please limit the amount you use because they can be fairly annoying and they tend to take up space. If you use more than needed you will receive a warning, then infractions.

You cannot have inappropriate usernames, this is considered SPAM. Users may only change their username twice a month, but you must spread the time out. You can't have a different name each day. If you do not spread out the time you change your username, you will receive an infraction.

Bumping means to post on a topic that hasn't been posted on within the 2 week time frame. Please do not bump, first time contenders will receive a warning otherwise you'll receive infractions. The only topics you may bump would be your art gallery, a posting game, or the megathreads (like meetups).

Trolling isn't allowed on the Star Lounge. Trolling will result in a temporary ban, if you choose to do it again then you will be IP banned.

You only can advertise other forums and blogs in your signature. Sites like youtube, tinychat, etc are allowed. Do not SPAM links through posts, chat, or private messages. This is a serious rule and we will not be taken lightly on anyone.

Double/Triple Posting
Double or Triple Posting is not allowed. That is when you post two or three times in a row. We have an edit button for a reason, please use it. If you accidentally post twice in a row, please contact a moderator before infractions come into play. They will delete the post and let you off with a warning.

Pictures & Language
You may not post inappropriate pictures or use foul language. This is a children's forum. This means no bad images or swearing. You may not post pictures that would stretch a page, especially in your avatar. If you are to do so, please put it in a spoiler.

Back-Seat Moderating
Backseat moderating is trying to enforce the rules when you are not an administrator or moderator.
Example :
User 1 : Hey Guys
User 1 : Guys, are you online? I'm bored.
User 2 : Hey, don't double post. I don't want you to get in trouble!.

Multiple Accounts
We don't allow Multiple accounts and fake identities, if we see an account with the same IP address, we'll ask you otherwise ban it immediately. Siblings are allowed on the forum, but they must state that in the introduction topic forum.

The Star Lounge is not about popularity. No topics about users saying how cool they are or how un-cool they are. Posting is not everything, and you shouldn't make fun of someone because they're not to your liking.

Threads Towards One Use
Threads about or toward one user are not allowed here. We have a private message system for this reason. Infractions will be given right away upon notice.

Meet-up Topics
Meet-up topics just create a mess in the forum sections, so use the one provided. We have a mega-topic for them all in the off-topic section.

Hacking Discussion
Hacking Discussion is not allowed here, as hacking is bad and we don't want discussion on hacking the game the forum is about.

Piracy and Hacking
Discussing free downloading of paid products such as photoshop or games is not allowed. This also goes for discussing free music downloads.

Warning System
The warning system is the blue colored bar on your profile. If you break a rule, it will go down. If you are good for a period of time (a month or so), your warning bar will go back up. If you believe you were unfairly charged feel free to PM a moderator or administrator about it.

Forum Staff
~ Jade Harley
~ Swaggy
~ Empress
~ Lucky

If you have a question, feel free to use our private messaging system to ask.

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Forum Rules
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